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Expert Golf Tuition

Transform Your Game with Personalised Golf Tuition from David Banks at Trent Park Gold Course

Meet David


David has been coaching players of all levels for over 40 years and is still by his own admission learning. A keen student of the game, he has met many of the game’s influential coaches and likes to continually learn and better himself as a coach.

David has a certificate in sports psychology from the University of Newcastle and is fascinated by the plasticity of the brain. He has a good understanding of physio profiling and over the years has attended many seminars on the physics and mechanics involved in hitting a golf ball.

His goal is to help people get the most out of what they have because there is no right way to swing the club only a number of recipes one of which will best fit you.

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I coach players of all ages and abilities but most of my time is spent helping beginners returners to the game and those who want to lower their handicap.

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